Clue Birthday Card Three - Copyrighted 2004
Unlike the following year's American Greetings Clue card, this 2004 edition is made of high quality materials (including an actual solution envelope glued to the front of the card) and clever artwork.

The front cover features the solution envelope over a blurred game board. Inside, next to the writing, “Another Birthday? I had no clue!” is the detective notepad offering the solution to the crime (of the missed birthday?): Red check marks indicate “You” (which replaces the text for Colonel Mustard), Margarita (which replaces the Revolver) and Bar (which takes the place of the Library). The reverse side shows that this card retailed for $3.29 (but based on the peel-off sticker could be purchased for only $2.86 at Walmart.) Definitely a steal!
Inside Message
Reverse Cover