Cluedo Umbrella - Copyright 2007; Released Circa Fall 2008
Umbrella Cover - Front Tag
Umbrella Cover - Reverse Tag
A unique, quirky and fun way to walk through the rain. Brollies of London has come out with a Cluedo themed umbrella. The umbrella measures approximately 37 inches in diameter and 21 inches from the handle to the top when fully opened. The black formosa taffeta fabric features the original style Cluedo suspect images and two Cluedo logos to complete the eight panels. Unfortunately, they are only printed on the underside of the umbrella. The umbrella folds in three sections (which can sometimes want to jam) and the handle retracts to a compact nine inches to fit nicely in the logoed umbrella cover.

So next time there is a dark and stormy night, don't stay inside waiting to get whacked by a candlestick. Instead, grab this cute umbrella and make your escape!
Open Umbrella Underside
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