Simpson's Clue Game Prototype Box

It was a great shame that Hasbro in its less than infinite wisdom passed on this prototype box for the Simpson's Clue game. The artwork is much more reflective of the Simpson's show appearance. The major differences include the location being the Simpson's living room instead of (presumably) Burn's mansion library. Grandpa Simpson has been unfortunately replaced by Krusty the Clown in the final edition and the cute little Maggie as Mrs. White is replaced by Mr. Smithers. This cover cleverly includes Santa's Little Helper in lieu of the black dog on the Clue game box. It also includes Snowball as well lurking behind Homer. Bart depicted here looks suitably guilty as opposed to the actual box making him look quizzical and intelligent. Overall, this box really makes the characters and their simplicity shine through.

This prototype box was obtained by a well-known former artist of Hasbro in Renton, Washington. The box had been discarded, but employees were always able to salvage anything before it made it to the scrap heap. Who knows if there is another like this one in existence!

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