Clue Scrapbook Pages - 2003
Mug Shots
Game Board
These four sheets of scrapbook paper were manufactured and distributed under license by EK Success Ltd. The sheets measure approximately twelve inches square with a little tab on the bottom for the bar code and business information. One statement on this tab reads, "The paper, vellum and game boards can easily pair up with coordinating stickers, also in the Hasbro line. Your family night of fun can now last a lifetime!"

The "Mug Shots" page is item coded HBP013. The "Game Board" page is item coded HBP011. The "Confidential" page is item coded HBPV014. The "Green/Purple Double Sided" page is item coded HBP012. Game Board is printed on heavy stock, while Mug Shots and Green/Purple Double Sided is much lighter. Confidential is vellum. All are labeled Acid-Free, Lignin-Free, True 12x12" size.

The sheets are quite interesting. Mug Shots features what appear to be photograph style pictures of the suspects on top of pictures of the mansion's rooms. The game board page is simply the game board sans any wording. It is a great way to see the complete board artwork that cannot be seen when viewing the actual game board. The Green/Purple Double Sided page seems to serve no purpose. As the title suggests, it is green on one side and purple on the other. Green, of course, is the main color of the edition this game represents. The purple color is more ambiguous. Without the removable tab at the bottom, neither would have any further Clue reference.

So the only mystery left to solve is the disappearance of the weapons!
Green/Purple Double Sided - Front
Green/Purple Double Sided - Back