Holiday Clue Ornament #3 - 2005
One in a series of six game themed collectable holiday ornaments by Basic Fun, this Clue tableaux showcases a fireplace with four stockings that reveal the lead pipe, rope, revolver and knife. Presumably the wrench and candlestick are in the wrapped presents under the Christmas tree. There is also a Clue game board on the rug in the center of the floor and a table with cookies and milk. A trail of sooty footprints show how Santa - or someone! - came through the chimney, ate a cookie, went to the tree and left through the fireplace. Perhaps it's a secret passage! The ornament comes in a box made to look like a gift with the image of a bow on the front and a to/from tag on the top.

Overall, the ornament is cute, but its message is strange: Give the gift of murder for the holidays! It would have been nice had the makers shown the wrench and candlestick in the scene. Also, the picture on the back of the box differs from the actual ornament in some colors. The rug shown is green instead of red, one stocking is brown instead of red, there is no garland shown on the tree, and the footprints take a different path and continue into the fireplace instead of stopping at the fireplace.
Box Front
Box Reverse