Clue Themed Mouse Pad - Date Unknown
This mousepad was given out by Lilly UK to promote their medicine Distaclor MR as part of a larger marketing strategy based on Clue called "Who Killed the Infection." The mousepad measures 7.5" by 9.5" and is representative of the Clue board. The four rooms are (clockwise from upper left) Surgury (with a secret passage to Treatment Room), Reception, Treatment Room (with a secret passage to Surgury), and Dispensary. The logo in the center contains the Distaclor logo behind a magnifying glass. Floating inside the mousepad are the traditional six Clue weapons.

This mousepad is very cute. The weapons move around from room to room inside as you move your mouse over the pad. The only downside, are the bubbles that are quite visible inside the pad. The gameboard looks very realistic. Overall, it could have been improved with the addition of character tokens as well as the weapons inside the mousepad.