KFC Kids Laptop Meal Box (Mrs. Peacock Version) - July, 2006
Similar to the better known Happy Meal, this Kentucky Fried Chicken Laptop Meal box provides dining entertainment to the younger eaters. The Clue Mysteries game-themed box calls for all kid detectives to solve the Clues surrounding Mrs. Peacock's missing teapot and record them on the Detective's Notebook on the front of the box to identify the suspect by elimination in the same fashion as Clue Mysteries (and the game Guess Who).

The premise is that after Mrs. Peacock's lovely garden party - not just a garden party, but a lovely garden party - her prized teapot is stolen by either Mrs. Meadow-Brook, Lord Gray, Colonel Mustard or Prince Azure - as if a Lord or a Prince would need to stoop so low. By identifying the following Clues, the diner/detective can solve whodunit: Hair (Pink, White, Brown, Red), Face (Smile, Frown, Necktie, Mole), Head (Hat, No Hat, Earrings), Gender (Man, Woman), Location (Fair, Flower Cart, Bus, Parade).
The inner box lid provides the two most visual Clues. The first, The Vase maze, isn't really a maze, but a follow-the-line challenge to see which vine reaches the flower whose vase reveals the hair color clue. This challenge shouldn't be too difficult as no suspect has pink, red or brown hair. This leaves only one obvious answer...

Next to the large picture of the teapot - wasn't it stolen? - are the words to find in the wordsearch on the teapot. This really has nothing to do with obtaining the clue, however, which is uncovered by unscrambling the highlighted letters with the additional letter on the place card. This game, again, is irritating because no suspect has a frown or mole. And Necktie is too long to fit in the blanks...
the three letter clue in Party Mix Up can be figured out - of course - without completing the puzzle. But if one was so inclined, he/she would unscramble the words - only half of which are necessary. Then, by unscrambling the highlighted letters, the head clue is uncovered.

On the right side is Sugar Cube Count - a mathmatical puzzle. By multiplying the number of spoons by the number of cubes per spoon and adding them together, the correct answer will reveal the gender clue. If the detective cannot figure out the three letter clue in the previous puzzle, what chance does he/she really have to solve algebra?

Unrelated to the mystery are three garden party-themed visual puzzles in black and white beneath the food compartments. The pirate in the first, is the same as in the Scarlet box. It seems they didn't try very hard on the Peacock box.
On one side panel is the Ring Bling clue - another unscramble the word to reveal the location clue puzzle. But if Mrs. Peacock has blingy rings laying about, why did somebody steal a teapot?
A second side panel offers a couple jokes: How can you tell the suspect was in a hurry? (He was Russian.) Why was the wolf able to catch the crook? (Bcause he knew howl he got away.) What is it that every good detective overlooks? (Their nose.) Ugh.
The third side panel reveals the solutions to the mysteries.
Finally, the last panel of the box describes KFC's nobel efforts to provide a portion of Laptop Meal proceeds for scholarships.

Overall, the the Colonel's (Sanders, that is) Laptop Meals are fun and do a pretty decent job furthering the Clue Mysteries game concept. This box, however, lacks the challenge of other boxes and just doesn't seem as cohesive.