KFC Kids Laptop Meal Box (Colonel Mustard Version) - July, 2006
Similar to the better known Happy Meal, this Kentucky Fried Chicken Laptop Meal box provides dining entertainment to the younger eaters. The Clue Mysteries game-themed box calls for all kid detectives to solve the Clues surrounding Colonel Mustard's missing trophy and record them on the Detective's Notebook on the front of the box to identify the suspect by elimination in the same fashion as Clue Mysteries (and the game Guess Who).

The premise is that Colonel Mustard threw a party to show off his trophies and for some reason either Lord Gray, Mrs. Meadow-Brook, Mrs. White or Professor Plum pilfered his favorite one (Lord - not Gray - only knows why!). By identifying the following Clues, the diner/detective can mustard out the guilty culprit: Head (Hat, No Hat, Earrings, Glasses), Hair (Red, Gray, Black, Bald), Face (Smile, No Glasses, Necktie), Gender (Man, Woman) and Location (Fair, Flower Cart, Bus, Parade).
The inner box lid provides the two most visual Clues. The first, Fireside Find, is a locate hidden pictures challenge. By counting the number of boot, horse, helmet and turtle shaped rocks in the fireplace, the detective can complete the mathmatical equation, and identify a head clue. This would be pretty challenging for an observation-challenged detective.

The hidden objects are much more subtle than the picture of Colonel Sanders next to the fireplace - along with a chicken statue and bust of Colonel Mustard.

In Fishin' For Clues, a Hair clue can be obtained by matching four fishing lures to their shaped slots in the tackle box. Each lure is conveniently labeled with a letter that spells out the clue.
More clues are needed to narrow down the thief. In Book 'n See, the detective can receive a face clue by identifying the letter on a book spine that corresponds with the missing letters of the Clue. Thus the detective must choose the correct shelf and then the correct book in sequence to get the clue. Or they could just look at the clue “-o -l-a-s--s” and figure it out from the detective sheet. It doesn't take a genius like Professor Plum.

By now, the mystery should be solved. But if it is not, the detective can move onto Shoe Clue - another counting game. The detective must tally the number of male foot prints and female foot prints. Which ever is greater answers the gender clue.

Unrelated to the mystery are three trophy related visual puzzles in black and white beneath the food compartments.
On one side panel is the final clue - thankfully - is revealed in Trophy Case and provides the Location clue. By putting the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place trophies - again, conveniently labeled - in order, it spells out the location. Obviously nobody wanted to steal one of these gaudy items.
A second side panel offers a couple jokes: What's big, yellow and is terrible on a sandwich? (Colonel Mustard.) Why did the burglar stop to do laundry? (He wanted to make a clean getaway.) Why was the sleeping detective safe? (He was under the covers.) Ha.Ha.
The third side panel reveals the solutions to the mysteries.
Finally, the last panel of the box describes KFC's nobel efforts to provide a portion of Laptop Meal proceeds for scholarships.

Overall, the the Colonel's (Sanders, that is) Laptop Meals are fun and do a pretty decent job furthering the Clue Mysteries game concept. The great thing about this version that the Master Detective game eliminates is the fact that a trophy collection consists of caught and killed animals. At least until they include the trophy case clue with trophy trophies.