KFC Kids Laptop Meal Box (Professor Plum Version) - July, 2006
Similar to the better known Happy Meal, this Kentucky Fried Chicken Laptop Meal box provides dining entertainment to the younger eaters. The Clue Mysteries game-themed box calls for all kid detectives to solve the Clues surrounding Professor Plum's Missing Crown and record them on the Detective's Notebook on the front of the box to identify the suspect by elimination in the same fashion as Clue Mysteries (and the game Guess Who).

The premise is that Professor Plum has thron a party at his Castle and either Miss Scarlet, Mrs. Peacock, Reverend Green (Not a Mr.) or Lady Lavender has stolen the crown of King Tutti Frutti. Oddly, two of the Facial Clues one must elimate are Necktie and Mole - of which no suspect has either! Further, the Hat or No Hat clue is a bit redundant. But nonetheless, by identifying the following Clues, one can finger the suspect: Head (Earrings, Hat, No Hat, Feather), Hair (Gray, Black, Blond), Face (Smile, Glasses, Necktie, Mole), Gender (Man, Woman), Location (Fair, Flower Cart, Bus, Parade).
The inner box lid provides the two most visual Clues. The first, Scroll On!, is a treasure map. By following the dotted line and inserting numerical values via the symbol key at designated locations, one can decifer by the final tally a head clue.

In Crate Clues, a Hair clue can be obtained by fitting the treasure shapes - each with an attached letter) into the coordinating slots in Professor Plum's treasure crate.
If the greasy chickens hasn't ruined the inner box, one can obtain two more clues and solve three mystery-themed but totally unrelated puzzles. In Suit Up, the detective must identify which suit of armor is different to receive a Facial clue

On the right side is Medieval Mix Up. By unscrambling the words, one will get a Gender clue. Ultimate, however, given that there are only two options - a three letter word and a five letter word - and the clue is W-M--, it's not to difficult to figure this one out!
On one side panel is the Code of Arms mystery that provides the Location clue. In the same vein as the Crate Clues, placing the appropriately shaped shield into the plaque will offer the answer. Once again, however, the answer is obvious being that it is only three letters and only one location name is three letters. KFC must be worried about the educational state of today's youth.
A second side panel offers a couple jokes: Who kept stealling the shampoo from the tub? (The robber ducky.) Why did the princess get sleepy? (Because a knight was outside.) Why did the thief get a standing ovation? (Because he stole the show.) The theming of these jokes could be better. The stealing of the shampoo joke and the thief's standing ovation joke fall within the theft theme of the box and the princess joke may refer to the castle, but as a whole are pretty flimsy.
The third side panel reveals the solutions to the mysteries.
Finally, the last panel of the box describes KFC's nobel efforts to provide a portion of Laptop Meal proceeds for scholarships.

Overall, the the Colonel's (Sanders, that is) Laptop Meals are fun and do a pretty decent job furthering the Clue Mysteries game concept. But ultimately, one is left wondering... just where is our favorite Colonel... Mustard!