Working Miniature Clue Board Game Keychain - 2002 Edition
Front Side
Reverse Side

These keychains make great stocking stuffers for people you don't really care about. Sure, they're fun and quirky, but they certainly don't make for good keychains. The game box is just too bulky to carry around in your pocket and the advertising on the box suggests “with limited gameplay,” but that is stretching the imagination a bit. Even for a young one who might actually want to play and hasn't yet ruined their eyes enough on video games to actually see the microscopic parts - pieces which fit in the laughably “secret” - but completely obvious - drawer. Not even all the pieces, either. Just one or two that gives the owner the feel of the boardgame.

The positive aspect of this keychain is that Basic Fun - who licenses the game to death (pun intended) dropped the hideous 1996 edition graphics in favor of the updated 2002 version. They've done a decent enough job maneuvering the suspects around to fit on the card (for some reason dropping Miss Scarlet and giving Professor Plum prominence), but Mr. Green and Mrs. White have no eyes! And half of Mr. Green's face is a blob. They would scare any child to tears if they got this in their stocking...