Clue Candy - 2008
This small box of "assorted fruit-flavored candies" (as per their seller - Oriental Trading Company) measures approximately 3 inches wide by 2 inches tall by 1/2 inch deep and were apparently sold with other candies from the games of Monopoly, Sorry, Operation and Life. This Clue version contains an assortment of approximately 18 candies in the shape of green candlesticks and blue wrenches.

The box is a smaller version of the 2002 edition with the word CANDY on the cover so one doesn't confuse it with a micro-mini game. The wording obscures Colonel Mustard's face, so it appears that, with the already bizarre design, the heads are on the left and the bodies are on the right. If you didn't know the game, it might look a little odd.

The candies are, of course, made in China and taste as if... well they came from China.

Candy Packet
Nutritional Label