Arby's Kids' Meal Clue Jr. Toy - 2007
One of Arby's four “Games in a Cup,” this Clue Jr. is billed as the “Play Fair” edition and is obviously geared toward the younger set. Nonetheless, it is quite a well thought out game for a kids meal toy. The object is simple: Someone ate a piece of cake with a drink before dinner, and it is up to you to find out who ate the cake, with what drink and at what time. As in classic Clue, the solution is obtained by removing one Person, Drink and Time card from the stack and sealing it in the answer cup (shown to the left). Players take turns drawing cards and placing them in a slot atop the cup - which is the oh-so-familiar, Clue Jr-esque red tinted revealer - to see what is on the card. By crossing off the clues on the notepad, the answer is derived via a process of elimination.
Playing Cards
The playing cards are vibrant to appeal to children. Unfortunately, the white logo on the yellow Time cards almost completely fades away. The notepad is simple - featuring the five times from 1:00 to 5:00, the five drinks (Apple Juice, Chocolate Milk, Water, Cola and Lemonade) and the five suspects (Col. Mustard, Miss Scarlet, Mr. Green, Mrs. Peacock and Professor Plum). Wait. Five suspects? Perhaps Colonel Mustard finally got too sick of Mrs. White's leaden lasagnas and did her in...
Instruction Sheet and Coupon Insert
The instruction sheet is printed on both sides and is pretty straight forward. The coupon offers 10% off any purchase at, but unfortunately expired 12/12/07.
Original Bag and Sealed Crayon
The clear wrapper for the game features the Arby's “Game in a Cup” logo and explains on the reverse side how Arby's “developed a series of innovative ”Games in a Cup“ that allow kids and families to enjoy their time together while they're on the go. Each features a Hasbro family favorite like Trivial Pursuit for Kids or Connect Four, and fits neatly into most car cup holders. It's the perfect way to learn the value of playing fair and have fun together with family game time anywhere, anytime.” And of course, it comes with a neat blue crayon featuring the Clue Jr. logo! Unfortunately, the kids will have to fight over it as there's only one. We'll see who plays fair then...