Frequently Asked Questions:

Is anything on your site for sale?
Yes and No. I have many duplicate items in my collection and may be willing to part with them, but if it is my only one of the item, I will not sell it. I would be more than happy to help you locate an item of interest, and am often willing to make trades of my duplicate items. Of course, if the offer has enough zeroes, I might sell the collection as a whole, but would not break it up.

Where can I find...?
The easiest place to find items you are looking for is, of course, eBay. I also get many leads from friends and family who see new Clue related items and let me know about them - if people know you are actively collecting Clue/do, they will often tell you when they see something they think you might not have. Another good place to start would be the Buy/Sell/Trade section in the forums on this website. This is a great place for Clue/do collectors to post their wish lists so that other collectors can keep an eye out for them as well. We're all in the same boat - as Wadsworth would say.

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