Cluedo Chronicles, Episode One, Fatal Illusion - 2004
Though this Cluedo edition of the Fatal Illusion game was released in 1999 alongside the US version, this later edition by Atari was in a DVD case instead of a regular box. The gameplay is identical with the exception of Mr. Green's name being changed to Reverend Green to keep with the UK tradition of such.

The only other change has been to the box artwork. Both the US and the UK boxes feature a moon over Ian Masque's chateau in the moutains, his steamship in the river, and Miss Scarlet on the side, but neither version shows the same angles. Each is different. In addition, while the center of the US box showcases a dagger in between a pair of eyes, the UK edition shows a smoking gun. Unfotunately, while the US's dagger melds perfectly with the montage, the UK's gun just seems to be floating in the middle of nowhere with no cohesion to the rest of the group. The reverse side of the box, however, looks better with a larger array of images. Too bad, though, that one of them is from the solution to the game!!