Clue Game for Sega Genesis - 1992

This Parker Brothers game remains in its original wrapping and has been unopened. Sega provides hours detective fun as the mystery unfolds before your eyes and you decide who killed Mr. Boddy!
Front Side
Reverse Side
  • With this game, you can play alone or with up to five friends - or computer generated opponents.
  • Solve a new mystery every time!
  • There are five different skill levels ranging from amateur (easy) to detective (hard).
  • Evidence is presented in the form of animated vignettes with the accompaniment of a dramatic and suspenseful score.
  • This Sega Genesis game has been unopened, but just for the record, there does seem to be a tear on the the box. In the picture you can see it on Mrs. White's apron. (that spot by Mr. Green's nose is the artist's glow from a lamp and not a tear.