Clue MABM Review - Saturday, Janurary 23, 1999
This review of the Clue Murder at Boddy Mansion game appeared in the Illinois State Journal Register newspaper:

Classy Clue solves mystery of leap from board to CD
by Helen Ubinas (Hartford Courant)

Call me a traditionalist, but if it was a board game when I was a kid, then so it should remain.

This isn't just an egotistical request. My experience with other board games gone interactive has not been good.

However, when it came to this computerized classic, Clue: Murder at Boddy Mansion ($30, Windows, Hasbro Interactive, Web site: I was all wrong.

All the elements of the board game aimed at solving Mr. Boddy's murder are here. As in the classic, players direct their characters around a board and various rooms, except this board is 3D and the characters are animated. Players must deduce who the murderer is by accusing a character of using one of six deadly weapons in one of the mansion's nine rooms.

Each player is allowed to make a suggestion while in a room. An original video clip then illustrates how the character could have performed the act with the weapons. This feature gives the CD version an eerie quality that the board game lacks. Whoever though of moving this classic to disc had a clue.