Clue Chronicles, Episode One, Fatal Illusion - 1999
The year is 1938. An invitation to a New Years Eve party by Ian Masque has brought you into the lives of our famous six suspects and a few new additions in this three act game.

As an unnamed guest/detective, you first find yourself marveling aboard Masque's steamship. Upon arriving at your destination, you must figure out how to operate an intricate cable car. Finally, you find yourself exploring a magnificent chateau.
The Suspects:

Miss Scarlet: Scarlet had some kind of career acting, first in the West End, then to Hollywood. But apparently her chance at the big-time career slipped alway from her, and she is mostly known -- if at all -- for her work in a series of B-pictures. She is beautiful, but is she talented?
Colonel Mustard: Colonel Mustard held major commands in the First World War and, earlier, in Africa. His exemplary leadership was tainted with the accusations of profiteering that hit the tabloids at the end of the war. Rumor has it that any "profits" he stashes away have long since been consumed by his expensive lifestyle.
Mrs. White: Mrs. White has had a long career as a nanny and maid,working for a number of high-profile families where discretion is valuedalmost as much as the necessary skills. Like most women who have workedat her craft, she has little, if anything, to show for it.
Mr. Green: Mr. Green lost his family fortune in the great crash and, from all reports, has been struggling to keep up appearances ever since. Though he looks and acts the aristocrat, rumor has it that he is desperate for something, anything to turn around his financial life.
Ms. Peacock: Ms. Peacock left London after being involved in a messy romantic triangle with key political figures. Fleeing to America, the papers there reported on her affair with a businessman who was shot by his wife. Now she's back -- but is she just looking for more fun?
Professor Plum: Professor Plum, formerly the Curator of the Egyptian Wing of the British Museum, published a series of articles in the Sunday London Times, which caused quite a stir. He claimed that there are major unexplained holes in the Egyptian historical record -- holes that he believes will be filled by major discoveries still to come.
Marina Popov: Popov, a beautiful Russian expatriate, is a trainedhypnotists. Popov participated in the Soviet Union's notoriousexperiment in ESP. It would take a mind reader to know why she is hereat Masque's party.
Dr. Julia Kell: Kell is a German psychiatrist, one who obviously felt comfortable remaining in the Third Reich. Does she, in fact, work for the German government? There is no evidence that points to that yet.
Martin Urfe: Martin Urfe is the heir to the busted Kent 'fortune' of Bloodworth Estates. He is also an accomplished amateur magician. Urge performs his elaborate (and impressive) illusions for his wealthy friends, including the host of the party -- Ian Masque.
Sabata: This single-named Spanish artist's hallucinogenic paintings are world famous. Ian Masque has acquired a lot of Sabata's most bizarre works. His behavior is eccentric, often even irrational -- as befits an artist. e.

Unfortunately, this seems to be the first of only one edition in the Clue Chronicle series. The game was fraught with bugs which required a number of patches to function correctly. The first time I played, the game did not even show critical scenes to uncovering the final mystery. The game plays very slowly with subplots that really don't make much sense or move the plot along. The game ends with an interesting cliff-hanger. Unfortunately, we will probably never know the outcome...

A prequel mystery was designed during the unveiling of the game which offered a chance to solve a mystery and win a murder mystery weekend. The prequel can be read here: Clue Chronicles Prequel