E-mail Clue Computer Game - 1999
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Now, through the use of E-mail, you can enjoy the classic Clue mystery game with just the simple clicks of a mouse. This game is complete in the original box. It includes the CD in a jewel case, instructions, registration card, and questionnaire insert.
  • Send and receive text messages with each turn.
  • Keep track of all your moves as you follow the trail of a mystery - Who is still a suspect? What leads do you have - and what has your opponent been up to?
  • Two ways to play: Classic or Speed.
  • Includes all the classic Clue suspects, locations, weapons, and operates with easy "point and click" play.
  •   System Requirements:

    Windows 95/98; 486/66 IBM-compatible CPU; 8MB RAM; 9MB Free Hard Disk Space; 2X CD-ROM Drive; 1MB SVGA; Windows 95/98 compatible sound card; 14450 baud modem; Internet Connection; Windows 95/98-based e-mail account that uses file attachment; Requires three players.