Commodore 64 Cluedo Computer Game - 1984
Front Side
Reverse Side
One of the earliest (if not the earliest) computer editions of Cluedo takes inspiration from 1983 Cluedo version for this tape-based game from Liesure Games. Thus, there isn't anything striking about the box artwork except for the decidedly "computer-esque" font used every time the computer is mentioned.

The back blurb is kind of odd: "Can you and your friends solve the mysterious murder at 'Tudor Close'? Who did the dastardly deed? Did your computer commit the crime."

Yes, my computer committed the crime!

The back cover also gets it wrong with: "'s mysterious occupants - Professor Plum, The Reverend Green, Miss Scarlett, Mrs. White and Colonel Peacock." Colonel Peacock?! Was the quality control guy asleep when they wrote this?

Players can battle the computer or up to five friends to solve the crime. (Just a hint... don't guess "Computer" OR "Colonel Peacock"!) Otherwise, play is very similar to the newer computer Clue/do - with, one assumes, far less graphics!
Box Insert, Instruction Manual, Notepad
Side Panel