Cluedo Computer Game - 1997
Front Side
Reverse Side
Containing the same three game CDs as the Clue 1996 Computer game, this edition make for European markets has a decidedly different look. The artistic color rendering of the suspects holding weapons used on the cover of the box is beautiful and elegant at the same time. It perfectly conveys the nature and deadly atmosphere of the game.
The small black and white picture to the left apears in the instruction manual. The image is nearly identical to the cover with two exceptions. The first being the clouds outside the window in this image have been changed to lightning on the box cover. The second is Miss Scarlet's head. In this image her chin points more to the right - in line with the rest of her body and more natural looking. Her face and hair have changed slightly. This image makes her look serious and strong. The box cover ends up looking sad and distant.
Side Panel