CDi Magazine, Cluedo Game Review - December, 1994
A good review that begins, "This is a superb adaptation of the classic Waddington's board game to CDi." CDi Magazine reviews the Cluedo CDi game in this Christmastime edition of the magazine giving it an overall 90% score with many good words to say about it. The review focuses mainly on the real life aspects of the game while talking about the actors instead of the characters they portray. Overall, while positive, it doesn't offer a glimpse into the game's feeling. It does, however, have great photos.
'Stars of screen and stage take part in this CDi version of Cluedo, reports Andy Clough'

Miss Scarlet (Nicola Van Dam): Van Dam has starred in theatre performances of A Tale of Two Cities, The Canterbury Tales, and The Pirates of Penzance.

Colonel Mustard (John Standing): Recent performances in Riders of Anglia TV, Ways and Means with Joan Collins for the BBC and Hayfever at Albery Theatre.

Mrs. White (Joan Sims): Born in Laindon, Essex, Sims won a scholarship to RADA. She has appeared in over 50 films, 100 television productions and numerous radio broadcasts.

Mr. Green (Stuart Milligan): Trained at the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art. TV roles in the Harry Enfield Show, True Crimes and Dempsey & Makepeace.

Mrs. Peacock (Susan Wooldridge): Starred in The Bill and Bergerac for TV. Film roles in Hope and Glory and Frankenstein.

Professor Plum (David Healy): Brought up in New York and Dallas, Healy began his acting career in the UK in 1964. He has played numerous theatre and TV roles.

Mr. Boddy (Angus Macinnes): TV appearances in Lovejoy, Howard's Way and The New Statesman. Films include Superman II, Star Wars, The Krays and Witness.

The Butler (Terence Harvey): From 1979-82, Harvey was a member of the RSC. TV credits include Casualty, Prime Suspect III, Poirot, The Bill and Bergerac.