Clue The Mysteries Continue, CDi Game - 1995
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For 1-6 players ages 10 and up, this CDi game brings the Clue suspects to life! This interactive adventure allows players to search for clues among Boddy Mansion where Mr. Boddy has once again become the victim of foul play. Players can examine weapons, search secret passages, and interrogate suspects.

The game features live action sequences that progress the story to add a new dimension to an already exciting game.

The Victim:

Mr. Boddy: Master of Arlington Hall, he is more feared than loved.

The Suspects:

Miss Scarlet: Mr. Boddy's neice, who may appear ditzy at times, is actually quite devious and cunning.

Colonel Mustard: A retired military officer, impeccable both in manner and dress. He is very much a ladies' man, with more than a hint of a ruth-less streak.

Mrs. White: The housekeeper and a self-important woman with a tendency to be inquisitive and something of a gossip.

Mr. Green: Vain, weak and handsome, he displays immense charm unless his greatest love - money - is threatened.

Ms. Peacock: A rather intimidating widow with an inclination toward arrogance. She is beginning to find out that her funds are not limitless.

Professor Plum: His absent-minded and eccentric personality disguises a degree of stubbornness that may lead him into dangerous situations.

Arlington Hall
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