UK Super Cluedo - 2006
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Finally after five years, it's not only the Germans who can enjoy this updated version of the Master Detective Game. Unfortunately, a few minor details get lost in translation. Regardless, this is still a very beautiful edition.
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Miss Scarlett: Red has always been the colour of danger...

Colonel Mustard: A distinguished soldier and hero of many battles, he is also an excellent shot.

Mrs. White: Was she looking through the keyhole at the very moment the crime took place?

Reverend Green: A defrocked priest turned tycoon, he does not like people looking into his past.

Mrs. Peacock: An ornithologist with a special interest in birds of prey...

Professor Plum: An archaeologist with a dubious reputation, he has worked on a number of mysterious cases.

Miss Peach: Her name would appear most apt but is she really as sweet as she seems?

Inspector Grey: Which side of the law is he really on?

Madame Mystique: A mysterious Hungarian clairvoyant; what does she see in her crystal ball?

Mr. De'ath: An artist of multiple talents and multiple passports.

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Dagger: The steel is shining as though it was recently cleaned...

Candlestick: Heavy and solid, it withstands all blows.

Revolver: The mechanism seems well-oiled...

Rope: Who could have tied such a strong knot?

Lead Piping: Who could have struck such a blow?

Spanner: Whose fingerprints are on the handle?

Horseshoe: Which suspect has an interest in racing?

Poison: Who broke the wax seal on the vial?

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Gazebo: Whose footprints are all around the gazebo?

Garden: Whose is the car that mysteriously disappeared on the night of the crime?

Fountain: Will it need to be emptied to reveal unexpected clues?

Drawing Room: Does the cat-and-mouse game lead directly here?

Library: Why did Doctor Black collect biographies of famous spies?

Billiard Room: Was anything slipped into the pre-dinner cocktails?

Dining Room: What is the strange smell that lurks in this room?

Kitchen: Is the carving knife missing from one of the drawers?

Study: Who was the exotic beauty whose portrait Doctor Black inexhaustibly painted?

Conservatory: Could the pane of glass been shattered by a bullet?

Lounge: Has the lead piping been taken away and then replaced?

Stables: Has someone been taking tools from the toolbox?

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Reverse Box Cover:

Super Cluedo
The ultimate detective game.

Under the heat of the Mediterranean sun, a terrible crime has been committed. Dr. Black is dead, murdered by one of his ten so-called friends he had invited to stay in his luxury beach villa. But who could have committed such a wicked deed. The doctor was found in the cellar, but where was he taken there from and what weapon could have been used?

Super Cluedo is the mystery-solving game with extra intrigue! It is up to you to visit the villa, on the giant-sized gameboard. Use your skills of deduction to establish the vital facts of the case, in the dark shadows where the sun cannot reach.

Only a Super Detective can deduce in which of the 12 areas of the villa the murder took place. There are eight possible weapons to select from and several secret passages to negotiate in your quest. Work your way around the villa, asking questions and using the special spy spaces to quiz the suspects further. When you are confident you know all the facts, make your accusation...

Can you prove yourself to be a Super Detective?

* * *

It's heart warming to see that Doctor Black has once again become victim - putting to the past the mysterious murdered “Count.” But where he's been found dead is still a bit of a quandary. The instructions state he's been found in the cellar as well as the hall. The hall itself is quite M.C. Escher-like with doors from the upstairs landing as well as the bottom of the stairs leading to the ground floor of the mansion.

The box reverse is still the same as the previous German edition and even though they've attempted to blur out the room names on the board, they've clearly left the German Dining Room label. The front of the box has been udpated as well, but the tag line “More suspects, more pieces and more weapons...” but the word “pieces” really should be replaced with “rooms.” The newspaper in the corner (which uses the Passport to Murder edition picture of Mr. Brown) announces the 10 suspects, but only 9 are pictures on the box. Where did Madame Mystique go?? And why didn't they change her name back to a color? The same goes for Mr. De'ath (who also loses his mustache from the card to the box). That is just sad...

The board really is great, but it's hard to distinguish the surrounding beach sand from concrete and it looks a little strange. The Study (which should have really been called the Studio) cleverly has pictures of Plum, Green and Scarlett. Calling the Carriage House the “Stables” is almost acceptable, but calling the Trophy Room the “Lounge” is inexcusable. There are only two uncomfortable looking side chairs. Why would it be called a Lounge? And the card for the room is equally confusing. Where would there be a lead pipe to take from and return to this room?

Overall, this is definitely a beautiful game. But the devil is in the details which makes it a little disappointing.

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