Cluedo - The Card Game - 2003
Front Side
Reverse Side
Cluedo... with a twist! This fast-paced version of Cluedo is set in the year 1949. Dr. Black is once again the victim of foul play, but this time, the murder has fled the mansion. It is up to you, the detective, to deduce which suspects is the killer and which vehicle did they use to escape to which destination.

Was it Colonel Mustard?
Did he flee the scene of the crime in the Limosine heading toward Loch Ness?
Or did Miss Scarlet catch the train to Stonehenge?

Use the detective notebook to track clues and new action cards to gain advantages. A special "All Against One" option allows one "guilty" player to try to escape from the others.
The Suspects: Miss Scarlet, Colonel Mustard, Mrs. White,
Reverend Green, Mrs. Peacock, Prof. Plum
The Vehicles: Train, Hot Air Baloon, Car,
Limousine, Airliner, Seaplane

The Locations: Alton Towers, Blackpool Tower, Giant's Causeway,
Caernarfon Castle, Stonehenge, Leeds Castle, Natural History Museum,
Loch Ness, York Minster
Reverse side of cards and other playing cards


The artwork of the edition far surpasses that of its US counterpart in beauty and elegance. The suspect cards are far more enchanting and the locations fascinating.

The game is played the same as the US version.

The insert advertisement included in this game box shows the very Cluedo game purchased with a few differences. The image is of the US Card Game with the US suspects and US locations. The only change is the title. Part of the description reads, "Did Miss Scarlet hop into the flashy car and head for the airport, or did Colonel Mustard hire a helicopter and escape to Scotland." Miss Scarlet should be headed to a location - not an airport. And Colonel Mustard could have taken a helicopter - but there is no helicopter option in this game. One mistake that made it to the final edition box reverse cover reads, "Did Miss Scarlet hop into the flashy moto and speed off to Stonehenge?" The word "Car" has been left out.