UK Cluedo Game - 1996
Themed around a newspaper investigation, this edition provides great new artwork with in-depth characterizations and descriptions. The suspect art is similar to that of the other European editions of the time, but it doesn't unfortunately extend to the box art - with the exception of the clever suspect shadows on the box reverse. The plastic pawns in the shape of the suspects are a wonderful change, but poorly match the card images. The story created on the playing cards adds a nice touch of mystery and intrigue.

Miss Scarlett: "Shocking!" - The beautiful actress who is renowned for her many screen performances as the femme fatale. As suspicion mounts, the question is, are those dark rimmed circles around her eyes a sign of her deep-rooted sadness at the death of her good friend Dr Black, or is it stage make-up to accompany her well-performed mourning scene?

Colonel Mustard: "Bad show!" - After an amazing military career, the highly commended Colonel left the army under suspicious circumstances. A specialist in weaponry and the art of conspiracy, is his alibi the perfect foil for an investigating detective?

Mrs. White: "I adored the man!" - Cook to the late Dr Black's father and employed in their service for forty years. People in the village have reported that she is no longer happy in her work! Familiar with the layout of the family home, was she cooking up her own special dish for Dr Black?

Reverend Green: "He will be greatly missed." - An austere man, who came to the village two years ago. He was invited for the weekend at the request of Mrs White, who is very close to this reserved Reverend. Although he is not fond of parties, he accepted the invitation only because he knew his old friend Mrs White would be in attendance. The village church coffers are reported to be low on funds and could suggest another reason for the Reverend's interest.

Mrs. Peacock: "No comment!" - A frequent guest at Tudor Hall, Mrs Peacock attended all the best parties. Often in the gossip columns for her outrageous behaviour and rumoured to be losing her millions at the hands of an evil blackmailer. Beautiful and charming, she adores to be adored!

Professor Plum: "He was going to fund m my research." - A keen archaeologist who is currently looking for finance for his next venture in Egypt. Could this have been the reason for his attendance? An associate of Dr Black since they attended the same school. The professor claims to have been cleaning his artifacts at the time the crime was committed.

Dagger: Given to Dr Black as a gift from Colonel Mustard. Found in the lounge, out of its sheath lying under the table. It was reported to have been brought into the lounge by Dr Black, who used it to open a letter in the presence of his guests.

Candlestick: One of a pair, given to Dr Black by Mrs Peacock. Usually to be found in the lounge, both candlesticks were present on the dining room table at the time of the evening meal. The maids don't remember if they cleared both candlesticks away after dinner. Only one was on the table in the dining room after the crime, the other was found behind the curtains.

Revolver: A keen hunter, Dr Black owned several guns. During the course of the evening Dr Black brought out the revolver when he thought he heard an intruder in the grounds. The guests were in the dining room at the time. However, the revolver was found later in the lounge.

Rope: Having just returned from Egypt, Professor Plum gave an after-dinner talk on his findings. As he regaled the group with his tales of ancient artifacts, he took from his pocket a gold pendant wrapped in a pieced of old cloth and tied together with a piece of rope. After the event, the pendant was with Professor Plum, the cloth was found in the lounge where the talk took place, but the rope was found mysteriously in the ballroom.

Lead Piping: A problem with the plumbing had been the reason for the purchase of this item. It was usually kept in the gardener's shed amongst the other tools, so why was it found, after the murder, in the conservatory?

Spanner: During the evening, Colonel Mustard requested the use of a spanner, which he claimed he needed to help him with some maintenance to his car. The gardener was reported to have given the spanner in question to Dr Black. Colonel Mustard said he never received it, and th gardener didn't have it returned to him. The spanner was found in the kitchen.

Hall: Throughout the evening all of the guests reported that they heard the sound of footsteps hurrying in the hall. The guests were not all together in the same room at the same time once dinner was over, and no-one has admitted to being in the hall for any prolonged period of time. Miss Scarlett was the first to retire to bed, but did she go straight to her room? Were hers the hurried footsteps heard in the hall by other guests?

Lounge: On leaving the dining room, Mrs Peacock made her way to the lounge where she relaxed on the sofa listening to music. When asked why she left dinner early, she merely replied that she had a desire for her own company. Dr Black called upon her briefly, before reportedly returning to his guests. Colonel Mustard was the first to join Mrs Peacok. When Professor Plum entered the room he reported that both Colonel Mustard and Mrs Peacock looked surprised to see him. “Both were looking very mysterious”, he claims.

Dining Room: A sumptuous feast was prepared for the guests in this lavish room. Mrs White selected the menu wand supervise the preparation of this memorable meal. Everyone was said to have enjoyed the culinary delight prepared for them, although Mrs Peacock ate very little as she said she had no appetite. She was the first to leave the dining room but she was reported to have been seen returning later when all the guests had retired to the lounge. What were her reasons for returning to this room? She certainly wasn't looking for any left-overs!

Kitchen: Mrs White spent mot of the evening in the kitchen, despite the fact that she was suppose to be a guest. After dinner she helped to clear away and returned to the kitchen later to prepare a snack for Reverend Green (she was concerned that he merely picked at his food during dinner!). Reverend Green has not mentioned this midnight snack and Mrs White needs to be questioned as to what exactly she was cooking up in the kitchen!

Ballroom: The servants reported that this room was always locked when it wasn't in use. However upon inspection, the detectives found that it was open. Inside the room the curtains were still drawn and very little light shone through. At the back of the ballroom there is an old piano. The lid was up and there was sheet music in the stand! The only member of the party that is at all musical is Professor Plum!

Conservatory: A secret door in the lounge leads to a winding corridor to the conservatory. Which of the guests knew this door existed? Did one of the guests move from the lounge to the conservatory? Or did they sneak into the lounge, before Reverend Green got there, then lay in wait for their victim?

Billiard Room: Colonel Mustard, a keen billiard player, lay down the gauntlet and challenged the male members of the party to a game. The stakes were high and nobody would take up the challenge, except Dr Black who was reported to have said that he might play later. A determined player, Colonel Mustard left the lounge having finished his port, to practise for the tournament. The billiard game did not take place, but we have yet to determine whether Dr Black turned up to take on his opponent, only to be knocked out before the game began.

Library: Both Professor Plum and Reverend Green had reason to enter this room: Reverend Green to collect information for his sermon, and Professor Plum to get some research books (he always made good use of the library on his visits). What needs to e ascertained is whether they visited the library under the pretence of acquiring knowledge, or did one of the other guests decide to look something else up that evening?

Study: Reverend Green was reported to have retired to this room after dinner, to prepare his sermon for the following day. He was noted to have said that he preferred to be away from the frivolity of the other guests. When questioned by the police as to his whereabouts at the time the crime was committed, he answered that he remained in the study until he went to bed. He said goodnight to no-one. Police are anxious to ascertain whether he was aware that the secret door leading to the kitchen was open? Indeed, did he open it himself?
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