Travel Cluedo Junior- 1994
Front Side   Reverse Side
With box art virtually identical to the 1994 Travel Cluedo, the slogan changes from:
"Now you can play the great detective game ANYWHERE!"
to: "Now you can have fun playing the great junior detective game ANYWHERE!"

The basic artwork is so close to the Travel Cluedo game that the playing pieces are even in the same location on each box. The same goes for the die, though it is at a slightly different angle.

The game brings to life the Cluedo Junior game in a travel format. "The players represent the six decendants of the famous Cluedo characters, visiting Tudor Close to find the ghosts of their ancestors. Searching each room they may use the special miniature magnifying glass to discover the ghosts' whereabouts, but taking care not to land on a biting spider or one of the creaking floorboards."
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