Spanish Cluedo Game - Undated (c1987)
This artwork is a blend of the American 1986 edition board and box with the 1987 VCR Game suspects. Because the board is the same as the US's with the room images filled with furniture, this edition has dropped some rooms that made the country's game unique such as the bedroom, bathroom and garage. Unfortunately, they've also used the traditional suspect colors which no longer match their names.
Sospechosos (The Suspects): Srta. Amapola (Miss Poppy/Miss Scarlet), Marques de Marina (Marquis Navy/Colonel Mustard), Sra. Prado (Mrs. Meadow/Mrs.White), Sr. Pizarro (Mr. Blackboard/Mr. Green), Profesora Rubio (Professor Blonde/Mrs. Peacock), Dr. Mandarino (Dr. Orange/Professor Plum)
Armas (The Weapons): Punal (Dagger/Knife), Candelabro (Candlestick), Pistola (Pistol/Revolver), Cuerda (Rope), Porra (Pipe/Lead Piping), Llave (Spanner/Wrench)
Aposentos (The Rooms): Recibidor (Hall), Salon (Lounge), Comedor (Dining Room), Cocina (Kitchen), Sala de Musica (Ball Room), Invernadero (Conservatory), Salon de Billar (Billiard Room), Biblioteca (Library), Salon de Estudio (Study)
Solution Envelope
Instruction Booklet
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