Spanish Cluedo Game - Not Dated
Front Side
Reverse Side
The Spanish version of Clue has many differences from the US and UK editions. Most notably are the changes to the character and room names. The position and color of some characters have changed. For instance, Colonel Mustard is now Blue. Mrs. Peacock is a yellow Professor. And Professor Plum is an orange doctor. As for Mr. Boddy, he is now Dr. Lemon! As for the house, there is now a terrace, garage, bedroom, and, an office. Also, this may be the first edition to host a bathroom!

The artwork of this edition is nearly identical to the US 1972 game. The cover now includes quote captions which takes away from the box appeal. The plastic/metal weapon tokens have been replaced by cardboard, pictured discs which gives the game a cheaper feel. The game cards have changed to use a floorplan diagram for the rooms as opposed to the vignettes of the US version. Also the weapons are not actual pictures such as the 1972 version. This is a bit odd as they still use the photographs of the suspects.
Sospechosos (The Suspects): Srta Amapola (Miss Poppy/Miss Scarlet), Marques de Marina (Marquis Navy/Colonel Mustard), Sra. Prado (Mrs. Meadow/Mrs. White), Sr. Pizarro (Mr. Blackboard/Mr. Green), Profesora Rubio (Professor Blonde/Mrs. Peacock), Dr. Mandarino (Dr. Orange/Professor Plum)
Armas (The Weapons): Punal (Knife), Candelabro (Candlestick), Pistola (Revolver), Cuerda (Rope), Porra (Lead Pipe), Llave (Wrench)
Aposentos (The Rooms): Hall (Hall), Terraza (Terrace/Lounge), Comedor (Dining Room), Cocina(Kitchen), Salon (Hall/Ball Room), Cuarto de Bano (Bathroom/Conservatory), Dormitorio (Bedroom/Billiard Room), Despacho (Office/Library), Garaje (Garage/Study)
Solution Envelope
Playing Tokens