Paraguayan "Quien Sera El Asesino?"" - Not Dated
Titled, "Who is the Killer?" (perhaps to be interpreted as "Whodunit?") looks very much like the US 1972 version utilizing actual photographs of the suspects. This edition, however, goes even further and uses photos of the rooms as well.
Sospechosos (The Suspects): Srta. Celeste (Miss Sky / Scarlet), Cnel. Amarilla (Colonel Yellow / Mustard), Srta. Lila (Miss Lilly(?) / White), Sr. Verdun (Mr. Green / Green), Dona Blanca (Mrs. White / Peacock), Prof. Rojas (Professor Red / Plum)
Armas Probable? (Probable Weapons?): Punal (Knife), Candelabro (Candlestick), Pistola (Revolver), Cuerda (Rope), Cano (Lead Pipe), Llave Inglesa (Wrench)
Lugar Del Delito (Place of the Crime): Hall (Hall), Estar (Lounge), Comedor (Dining Room), Cocina (Kitchen), Salon de Baile (Ball Room), Sala de Musica (Music Room / Conservatory), Dormitorio (Bedroom / Billiard Room), Biblioteca (Library), Escritorio (Study)
Solution Envelope
This edition has great representations of the rooms and suspects. The board's rooms are in a different order then they appear on the regular clue board. The board's order (starting at the top center) is Library, Ballroom, Lounge, Kitchen, Dining Room, Bedroom, Study, Hall, Music Room. The Suspects personas are also mixed up. The Miss Scarlet character has Peacock's name and color. The Mrs. White character is now purple. The Mrs. Peacock character is now a Miss White. She lost her husband and gained many years. She looks like she is pushing 100. Professor Plum is now red. The game also starts, not with Scarlet, but Srta. Lila (the purple Maid character).

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