Colombian "Quien es el Culpable?" - Not Dated
Titled, "Who is the Culprit?" (perhaps to be interpreted as "Whodunit?") is a very modern version of the Clue game. The players must figure out who killed "The Millionaire" from a group of six new suspects... New rooms offer a much more updated feel for an old classic.
Sospechosos (The Suspects): Rubi la Medium (Rubi the Psychic / Scarlet), Ambar the Madrastra (Ambar the Stepmother / Mustard), Doctor Blanco (Dr. White / White), Chef Luchuga (Cook Lettuce / Green), Capitan Celeste (Captain Sky / Peacock), Violeta la Institutriz (Violeta the Governess / Plum)
Armas (The Weapons): Daga (Knife), Candelero (Candlestick), Revolver (Revolver), Soga (Rope), Tubo (Lead Pipe), llave (Wrench)
Habitaciones (The Rooms): Salon (Lounge), Cocina (Kitchen), Comedor (Dining Room), Salon de Fiestas (Ballroom), Despacho (Office), Gimnasio (Gym), Recamara (Bedroom), Biblioteca (Library), Alberca (Pool)


Solution Envelope
Reverse Side of Box