No Cluedo - or Murder at Buck House - 2002
Perhaps the first spoof of a Clue/Cluedo game, No Cluedo amusingly pokes fun of British Royalty. The game, produced by Mother Merriment, Ltd., is for 2-6 "Loyal Subjects" whose goal is to discover who killed "The Monarchy" and win all exclusive rights to the story! The game is filled with fun puns throughout.
Suspected Persons: Miss Scarlet, Phil the Greek, Queen of Hearts, HRH Monstrous Carbuncle, Ze Queen, The Duchess of Pork
Probable Implements: Enough Rope, "Candlestick", World Exclusive, The French, Unauthorised Biography, Dark Forces at work in this country of which we have no knowledge
Suspected Scene of Murder: Starbuck's, Dormitory, State Dining Room, Servants' Quarters, Elton's Ballroom, Conservatory, Pocket Billiards Room, Librarary, Charles' Study
Solution Envelope
"Weapon Tokens"
Instruction Booklet
Insert Letter
Box Reverse

Box Description: "NO CLUEDO is Mother's festive game for jaded royalists, red top readers and would-be republicans. It starts with a crime and works up to a sleazy climax of tabloid proportions. You've got to find out who dunnit - your sleuthing is carried out in true scumbag paparazzo style - with a telephoto lens and a chequebook, and like real Royal life, it is both sordid and pointless but nevertheless a cheap laugh at other people's expense."

The game is filled with laughs and interesting tidbits. Some include:

The secret passage from the Servants' Quarters to Charles's Study is labeled "one easy move". The conservatory has an image of a marijuana leaf on the board and is connected via secret passage to the dormitory.

The newspaper token is labeled "The Scum".

The purple token has been replaced with orange - The Duchess of Pork.

The body has been found on the stairs leading to the gin cellar.

"MI5 Notes" enable loyal subjects to record their unprintable allegations.

The "Dealer" is also known as "Harry's Friend".

Loyal Subjects that are dealt more cards than the others have been "born with natural privilege".

Rule 5D: "If you so desire, before play passes to the left, the unfortunate loyal subject representing Miss Scarlet must immediately don his deceased sister-in-law's hidden dresses in the servants' quarters and photograph himself therein. No contact with Jennie Bond should be made at this point."

The insert letter details safety information and is signed, "Sir Michael Peat (Private Secretary to the Prince of Wales)(a pub on the Edgware Road)"

The box is labeled "German Edition. Patently not: 586617".
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