Leeds Centenary Edition - 1993
To celebrate the 100th anniversary of Leeds, Waddingtons Games released this limited edition highlighting the town's prominent locations and citizens. Could it have been Barbara Taylor-Bradford with the Spanner at Yorkshire Water?
Suspected Persons:
Jilly Cooper (Alias Miss Scarlett)
Jack Higgins (Alias Colonel Mustard
Barbara Taylor-Bradford (Alias Mrs. White)
Jimmy Saville (Alias Reverend Green)
Elizabeth Peacock (Alias Mrs. Peacock)
Dennis Healey (Alias Professor Plum)

Probable Implements:
Lead Piping

Suspected Scene of Murder:
Yorkshire Television Limited (Hall)
Leeds Permanent Building Society (Lounge)
The Merrion Centre (Dining Room)
Yorkshire Water (Kitchen)
Yorkshire Bank PLC (Ballroom)
Leeds and Holbeck Building Society (Conservatory)
John Waddington PLC (Billiard Room)
Yorkshire Post and Yorkshire Evening Post (Library)
Joshua Tetley and Son Limited (Study)

This stylish edition takes its cues from the previous Cluedo games, but really succeeds in a more attractive look. The box shows the board and playing pieces on a blue-green background of a street map. The Cluedo logo is boldly placed in the upper left with a gold foil seal below indicating the limited edition number. Surrounding the perimeter is 1893 - 1993 to commemorate the centenary. The board is nicely crafted as well. Each "room" bleeds into the edge of the board which has the sillouette of a skyline. The "rooms" also contain a drawing of each landmark they represent.

Unlike monopoly which can thrive with special editions based on locations, Cluedo unfortunately does not follow suit. The downside is evident when looking at the suspects. As time passes, people will forget who the suspects are which makes the game a little less special.

This game is still in its original shrinkwrap and is numbered 1621 of 2000.
Box End Panel
Box Side Panel