Korean Mystery (Clue) Game - Arrest a Burglar 2 - 2000 Millenium Dream Game
Made by I Com, this colorful rendition is an interesting take-off of the Clue game. Though there are very few English translations in the game, it appears to have the same mechanics. The location has changed to that of a hotel and the usual suspects are now part of the hotel staff.

The game board is basically the same, but the shapes of the rooms have changed slightly as have the starting spaces - where the White token typically starts has been relocated to between what would have been the dining room and kitchen. This also give strategic advantage to the green piece which only requires a roll of five to enter a room. The white piece needs ten! The purple character has been changed to black and the red character has had a gender adjustment so that there are four male characters and only two female. The board is made of a lighter cardboard and folds tightly into six squares.
The Characters (Suspects): Red (Scarlet), Yellow (Mustard), White (White), Green (Green), Blue (Peacock), Black (Plum)
The Items (Weapons): Knife, Stand (Lamp/Candlestick), Gun (Revolver), Rope, China (Vase/Lead Pipe), Hammer (Wrench)
Locations (The Rooms): Sky Lounge (Hall), Sweet [sic] Room (Lounge), Banquet Hall (Dining Room), Techno Club (Kitchen), Coffee Shop (Ballroom), Swimmming [sic] Pool (Conservatory), Health Club (Billiard Room), Duty-free Shop (Library), Parking Place (Study)
Weapon Pieces
Solution Envelope
Reverse Side of Box
The picture on the left was taken from the manufacturer's website and features artwork not found on the game box. It gives a nice Clue-esque feeling to the game and is reminiscent of the Clue game box with all the suspects gathered together around a sofa. The symbol on the sofa appears throughout the game.
Box End Panel

Box Side Panel