Junior Cluedo - 1993
Now the British youngsters can play cluedo without the aspect of murder! Now the mystery revolves around where the ghosts are hiding! The game challenges players' memories as opposed to deductive skills.
The Characters: Samantha Scarlett, Mustard the Dog, Wendy White, George Green, Polly Peacock, Peter Plum
Playing Card Front and Back
In this edition, the players must search each room of the mansion uncovering clues (cards in each room) that tell them if there is a bat, a cat, or a ghost hiding in the room. The goal is to find all three ghosts. As play proceeds, spiders may force players to be sent to the center stairway or trapdoors may cause the cards in each room to switch.

The artwork in this edition is fabulous. The board has a first person perspective view of the rooms - similar to the US 1963 version. The playing pieces are three dimensionally sculpted which adds a fun element. Most interestingly, the yellow/mustard piece is no longer a human, but a dog! How clever!
Reverse Side of Box
Box Side