Japanese Clue Game - The Secret of Lost Treasure - 2003
Cultural differences abound in this Japanese edition of the Clue game featuring Detective Conan. The concept apparently follows the search by one of 13 playable characters to uncover the guilty culprit in the theft of a treasure. The game has some additional elements to it involving additional playing cards and tokens. (Note: Any translational help, would be appreciated).
The Suspects: Youji Takimolo, Lyouishi Takimolo, Mariko Luzuki, Takeski Asanomo, Goxo Takimolo, Rio Lailou
The Treasures: Legendary Painting, Hagemilsa Sword, Imperial Emerald, Antique Urn, Legendary Violin, Golden Lion
The Rooms: Living Room, Guest Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Hall, Conservatory, Collection Room, Library, Bed Room
Playing Cards
Playing Pieces
Solution Envelope
Playing Piece Box Cover
Token Pieces
Instructions Cover
Instructions Page Spread
The artwork of this game is typical Japanese style and is geared toward younger players - hence the featured childlike detective Conan with his bow tie and shorts. The players take the role of detective and are not suspects in the game. The mostly male suspects all look sufficiently shady in the slightly altered mansion. The house contains a guest bedroom instead of the lounge, a living room instead of a hall, a hall instead of a ballroom, a collections room instead of a billiard room, and a bedroom instead of a study. In all, it does appear to be more functional than the typical Tudor Close or Boddy Manor.

The board has some combined spaces where two typical spaces are made into one large space to help facilitate movement around the board. There are also additional playing spaces for another (yet translated) portion of the game. The starting spaces have changed color order, now going: Red, Yellow, Light Blue, White/Gray, Green, Dark Blue/Purple.

Overall, the artwork is a plus. The characters all seem to have unique and fun identities. The board retains the Cluedo-esque charm with an updated style. The center of the board exemplifies the game with the determined looking little detective, and the demented looking thief behind him.
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