Italian Super Cluedo - 1987
Though this game contains some design differences (most notably the box cover), this game is the same as the UK Super Cluedo Challenge. This edition features a main color change from green to blue and some characters names have been appropriately changed.
The Suspects: Miss Scarlett, Colonel Mustard, Signora Bianchi (Mrs. White), Rev. Verde (Reverend Green), Signora Pavone (Mrs. Peacock), Professor Plum, Capitano Brown (Captain Brown), Signorina Rosa (Miss Rose/Miss Peach), Sergente Gray (Sargent Gray/Mr. Slate-Grey)
The Weapons: Pugnale (Dagger), Candeliere (Candlestick), Pistola (Pistol/Revolver), Corda (Rope), Spranga (Lead Piping), Chiave Inglese (Spanner), Carabina (Blunderbuss), Veleno (Poison), Scure (Axe)
The Rooms: Anticamera (Antechamber/Hall), Veranda (Veranda/Lounge), Sala Da Pranzo (Dining Room), Cucina (Kitchen), Sala Da Ballo (Ball Room), Salotto (Drawing Room/Conservatory), Sala Del Biliardo (Billiard Room), Biblioteca (Library), Studio (Study)
Instruction Booklet
Reverse Side of Box
Notepad Front
Notepad Reverse