German Super Cluedo - 2001
This version is Clue Master Detective with a facelift. The rooms, weapons, and characters have been expanded from the classic version, and the game has a very exotic feel. Elegance is abound is this beautiful edition!

Fraulein Gloria (Ms. Gloria/Miss Scarlet): Her favorite color is red... Blood Red!

Oberst Von Gatow (Colonel Von Gatow/Colonel Mustard): The former soldier, who proved his heroic courage in numerous battles, is excellent protection.

Frau Weib (Mrs. Knows/Mrs. White): Did she observe the murder by secretly spying through the keyhole?

Reverend Grun (Reverend Green/Mr. Green): The excommunicated priest appears extremely indignant, and gives few details of his past.

Baronin Von Porz (Baroness of Porz/Mrs. Peacock): An Ornithologist with a special preference for stealing birds...

Professor Bloom - (Professor Bloom/Professor Plum): An archeologist of dubious reputation who has worked on many mysterious projects.

Lady Sarah (Lady Sarah/Miss Peach): Is it really so tender and lovely how she presents herself?

Inspektor Klein (Inspector Small/Sargent Gray): On which side of the law is he really on?

Madame Mystique (Madame Mystique/Madame Rose): A mysterious psychic from Hungary. What did she see in her crystal ball?

Herr Braun (Mr. Brown/Monseiur Brunette): An artist with many talents and at least likewise prove many falsified.


Dolch (Knife): This weapon was obviously completely and recently well cleaned.

Leuchter (Candlestick): With this heavy candlestick, one could kill someone quite easily.

Pistole (Pistol/Revolver): The barrel seems to be really well oiled...

Seil (Rope): Who could have tied such a firm knot?

Heizungsrohr (Lead Pipe): Who would have slammed shut thereby?

Rohrzange (Wrench): Whose fingerprints are probably on the handle?

Hufeisen (Horseshoe): Which suspect has a passion for horse racing?

Giftflasche (Poison Bottle): Who broke the wax seal which locked the poison bottle?


Pavillon (Pavilion/Gazebo): Who left the footprints which were found around the pavilion?

Garten (Garden/Courtyard): To whom did the car, which suddenly disappeared in the middle of the night, belong?

Springbrunnen (Fountain): What will one find at the bottom of the fountain when one drains the water out?

Lounge (Lounge/Drawing Room): Did the game of cat and mouse come to an end here?

Bibliothek (Library): Why did the Count collect biographies of famous spies?

Billardzimmer (Billiard Room): Was something added to the cocktails, which were served before dinner?

Speisezimmer (Dining Room): What is the smell that lingers in the area?

Kuche (Kitchen): Is something missing from the kitchen? Perhaps a measurer?

Arbeitszimmer (Work Room/Studio): Who was the exotic beauty the Count once painted?

Wintergarten (Conservatory): From which side did the windowpane break?

Salon (Salon/Trophy Room): Was the heater pipe roughly removed and attached again later?

Stallungen (Garage/Carriage House): Stallungen (Garage) - Did someone come here to get the toolbox?

Solution Envelope
Reverse Side of Box
Reverse Box Cover Translation:

Super Cluedo
The classic detective game in new dimension!

More Suspects! More Murder Weapons! More Scenes! Extra-Large Play Plan!

In a lock to the French Riviera, a horrible crime was committed. The wealthy owner of the lock - a mysterious count - was murdered by one of his ten, "befriended" whom he had invited to spend the weekend. But who had the conscience to do such a thing? The corpse of the count was found in the hall - nothing refers however to the crime. Where did the murder thus take place, and with which weapon was it committed?

Immerse into this tension-loaded atmosphere and examine the lock on the especially challenging play-board. Prove your detective skills and clear up the case step by step.

At which of the twelve possible scenes of the lock was the murder committed? Which suspect killed with one of the eight possible murder weapons? As you go through the lock, use the many secret passages and the snoop spaces, in order to come the solution to the mystery. And if you believe you have collected all the facts, make an accusation…

Are you a Super-Detective? Then play Super Cluedo!