German Cluedo Game - 1993
Though the cards of this game were lifted from other European games of the time, the box is now quite different. The cover features an intriguing vignette of a desk complete with knife hidden in the drawer and the suspect cards on the blotter which beg the question: just what is the mysterious owner of the desk up to? You'll have to open the box and play Cluedo to find out!

With this exciting cover and beautifully rendered cards, this edition is one of the best.
Verdachtige (The Suspects): Fraulein Gloria (Miss Scarlet), Oberst Von Gatow (Colonel Mustard), Frau Weiss (Mrs. White), Reverend Grun (Rev. Green), Baronin Von Porz (Mrs. Peacock), Professor Bloom (Professor Plum)
Tatwerkzeuge (The Weapons): Dolch (Knife), Leuchter (Candlestick), Pistole (Revolver), Seil (Rope), Heizungsrohr (Lead Pipe), Rohrzange (Wrench)
Raume (The Rooms): Halle (Hall), Salon (Lounge), Speisezimmer (Dining Room), Kuche (Kitchen), Musikzimmer (Ball Room), Wintergarten (Conservatory), Billardzimmer (Billiard Room), Bibliothek (Library), Arbeitszimmer (Study)
Solution Envelope
Box Insert