German Cluedo Game - 1987
Who killed Count Eutin?

Though the artwork on the box is unique, the rest of this game's elements seem to have been taken from other editions. The suspect cards are an artistic rendering of the characters from the VCR game which came out just prior to this edition. The suspect and room art is the same as the US 1986 edition. The Conservatory has been changed to a Music Room and the Lounge into a Vernada even though the room artwork doesn't reflect the change. The cards' reverse-side shows a fingerprint inside the magnifying glass as opposed to the mansion in the US edition. The notepad style is also reminiscent of the US 1986 edition. Also, for some reason, the suspect envelope is completely black with no wording.
The Suspects: Fraulein Ming (Miss Ming/Miss Scarlet), Oberst Von Gatow (Colonel Mustard), Frau Weiss (Mrs. White), Herr Direktor Grun (Mr. Director Green/Mr. Green), Baronin von Porz (Baroness von Porz/Mrs. Peacock), Professor Bloom (Professor Plum)
The Weapons: Dolch (Knife), Leuchter (Candlestick), Pistole (Revolver), Seil (Rope), Heizungsrohr (Lead Pipe), Rohrzange (Wrench)
The Rooms: Halle (Hall), Salon (Lounge), Speisezimmer (Dining Room), Kuche (Kitchen), Musikzimmer (Ball Room), Wintergarten (Conservatory), Billardzimmer (Billiard Room), Bibliothek (Library), Arbeitszimmer (Study)
Solution Envelope