German Cluedo Game - 1996
This box gets discussed often. The character depictions are among the most demented. Just look at Professor Plum! The game has great artwork giving the game a delusional, warped effect.
The Suspects: Fraulein Gloria (Miss Scarlet), Oberst Von Gatow (Colonel Mustard), Frau Weiss (Mrs. White), Reverend Grun (Rev. Green), Baronin Von Porz (Mrs. Peacock), Professor Bloom (Professor Plum)
The Weapons: Dolch (Knife), Leuchter (Candlestick), Pistole (Revolver), Seil (Rope), Heizungsrohr (Lead Pipe), Rohrzange (Wrench)
The Rooms: Halle (Hall), Salon (Lounge), Speisezimmer (Dining Room), Kuche (Kitchen), Musikzimmer (Ball Room), Wintergarten (Conservatory), Billardzimmer (Billiard Room), Bibliothek (Library), Arbeitszimmer (Study)
Solution Envelope
Reverse Side of Box