German Cluedo Junior-Detektive - 2000
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Inspector Cluedo (who looks remarkably like Sherlock Holmes) has invited his eight nieces and nephews to his Detective Academy. Watson, the Inspector's bloodhound, has hidden an item in his doghouse, and the Junior Detectives must figure out which item it is.

This edition is the most modern looking Clue yet. The characters certainly look modern, as do the items in question - a cell phone for instance. The colors are vibrant and exciting which should make for attracting the 5-8 year olds the game was designed for. The images within the game also tell a story. Just by looking at the location cards, one can deduce that Inspector Cluedo is a bumbling klutz, while his dog seems to be the brains of the operation.
The Junior Detectives: Antonia Roth (Red(head)/Scarlet), Sebastian Raps (Canola/Mustard), Mona Wolke (Cloud/White), Robbie Grun (Green), Laura Kobalt (Peacock), Max Pflaume (Plum), Vivian Rose (Rose), Kevin Schwarz (Black)
The Items: Candlestick, Magnifying Glass, Camera, Cellular Telephone, Cap, Notepad, Binder, Ring, Sunglasses, Watch, Keys
The Location: Starting Square (Yellow), Main Gate, Garden Shed, Swimming Pool, Terrace, Stall, Ballroom, Staircase, Boat House, Conservatory

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