French Travel Cluedo - 2002

Front Side
Reverse Side

The 2000 edition of Cluedo has been reduced in size to create this travel version. Unlike other travel games, this game is a bit more difficult to play in bumpy travel situations in that the pieces are not magnetic nor do they fit into slots on the board. On the other hand, the game has not been abbreviated. Instead, everything is simply smaller. Oddly, however, despite the fact that the pawn pieces have been miniaturized, the weapon tokens have been replaced with cardboard squares containing the images of the weapons. All of this fits in an unremarkable square carrying case that folds in half. Everything, that is, except the instruction booklet, which should be smaller, to take along with the game for those instances when a last minute look at the rules might be necessary.

Interestingly, the cardboard weapon pieces, which are too bulky for the game, are not shown in the pictures on the reverse side of the box. Even the makers of the game could tell the feature was a downside and did not want to show the fact.
Personnages (The Suspects): Mlle Rose (Miss Scarlett), Colonel Moutarde (Colonel Mustard), Madame LeBlanc (Mrs. White), Reverend Olive (Reverend Green), Mme Pervenche (Mrs. Peacock), Professeur Violet (Professor Plum)
Armes (The Weapons): Poignard (Dagger), Chandelier (Candlestick), Revolver, Corde (Rope), Matraque (Lead Piping), Cle Anglaise (Spanner)
Pieces (The Rooms): Hall, Salon (Lounge), Salle a Manger (Dining Room), Cuisine (Kitchen), Salle de Bal (Ball Room), Veranda (Conservatory), Salle de Billard (Billiard Room), Bibliotheque (Library), Bureau (Study)
Carrying Case