French Cluedo Game - 1951
Though the box appears plain, this edition adds a little dash of color unseen in the UK version with the bloody fingerprint under the magnifying glass of the Cluedo logo. The french have also made the game their own with subtle changes to the suspect cards. The most striking differences are the younger looking Green, a less-affluent looking Peacock sans tiara and Mustard who has lost the moustache but gained a pair of studious-looking glasses.
The Suspects (Personnes Suspectes): Mademoiselle Rose, Colonel Moutarde,
Madame Leblanc, Docteur Olive, Madame Pervenche, Professeur Violet
The Weapons (Instruments Probables du Meurtre): Poignard, Chandelier, Revolver, Corde, Matraque, Clef anglaise
The Rooms (Lieu Probables du Meurtre): Hall, Veranda, Salle a Manger, Cuisine, Grand Salon, Petit Salon, Bureau, Bibliotheque, Studio
Notes Du Detective
Numbered Insert
Playing Pieces
Solution Envelope
Inner Box