French Cluedo Game - Year Not Listed
Inside this squarish yellow box comes the standard Cluedo game made economically with a heavy paper (laminated) board. The suspects have changed from the unique artwork of the 1951 version to be the same as the early UK editions.
The Suspects (Personnes Suspectes): Mademoiselle Rose, Colonel Moutarde,
Madame Leblanc, Docteur Olive, Madame Pervenche, Professeur Violet
The Weapons (Instruments Probables du Meurtre): Poignard, Chandelier, Revolver, Corde, Matraque, Clef anglaise
The Rooms (Lieu Probables du Meurtre): Hall, Veranda, Salle a Manger, Cuisine, Grand Salon, Petit Salon, Bureau, Bibliotheque, Studio
Notes Du Detective
Solution Envelope