French Cluedo Junior - 1994
One of your favorite animals has disappeared! To win the game, be the first to discover, with the extraordinary magnifying glass: Which animal has disappeared? Where it is hidden? Who made it disappear?
The Characters: Julie Rose (Scarlet), Marc Moutarde (Mustard), Marie Leblanc (White), Georgie Olive (Green), Helene Pervenche (Peacock), Pierre Violet (Plum)
The Hiding Places: Library (Clue on the Telescope), Bathroom (Clue under the Toothbrushes), Bedroom (Clue under the Picture), Living Room (Clue behind the Clock), Under the Stairs (Clue in the Book), Kitchen (Clue under the Table)
The Animals: Chien (Dog), Chat (Cat), Singe (Monkey), Tortue (Turtle), Oiseau (Bird)



Instruction Cover

Reverse Side of Box
The look of the US 1986 edition cover has been modified to reflect the younger intended audience of this game. The game is played very similarly to the US Clue Jr. Case of the Missing Pet game except that this edition once again brings the players back to a mansion. The typical clue rooms, however, have also been modified and modernized with a bathroom and bedroom. The artwork of the game is cute and simple and works nicely in the Clue realm.