Dutch Cluedo Game - Not Dated (c1960)
The Dutch really know what they're doing when it come to children's board games based on murder. Everything about this edition screams sinister from the deep purple color of a stormy twilight to the dead body on the box to the solution envelope emblazoned with a skull and cross bones! Though retro in nature, the cool design aspects of the game's artwork actually make it seem very modern!
Verdachte personen (The Suspects): Mej. Scarlett, Kol. Mustard, Mevr. White, Ds. Green, Mevr. Peacock, Prof. Plum
Eventueel moordwapen (The Weapons): Dolk (Dagger), Kandelaar (Candlestick), Revolver, Touw (Rope), Loden Pup (Lead Piping), Steeksleutel (Spanner/Wrench)
Vermoedelijke plaats van misdrijf (The Rooms): Hall, Zitkamer (Lounge), Eetkamer (Dining Room), Keuken (Kitchen), Danszaal (Ball Room), Serre (Conservatory), Biljartzaal (Billiard Room), Bibliotheek (Library), Studeerkamer (Study)
Though the cards are the same as the early UK editions, the board takes a decidedly different turn with an attempt at a 3-dimensional view. The downside of this artwork is that the walls often fall into the hallway squares. The shape of some of the rooms are also slightly off. For instance, the north wall of the Library is missing a bump out which actually benefits play by adding more space between it's door and the Billiard Room. The Hall is also missing it's east side door making that area of the board even more difficult to traverse. Finally, the starting squares have all been moved more inward - most notably for Ds. Green who is only two squares away from the Ballroom door giving him quite the advanatage!
Solution Envelope
Instruction Booklet
Postcard Insert
Postcard Insert Reverse
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