Brazilian Detetive Game
Very similar to the US 1972 edition, this version Has the same board and cards. The box top, however, is different. It appears to be more authoritative - like a detective - as opposed to the country house murder suspects trying to solve a crime on their own.
The Suspects: Srta. Rosa (Miss Scarlet), Cel. Mostarda (Colonel Mustard),
Dona Bronca (Mrs. White), Sr. Marinho (Mr. Green), Dona Violeta
(Mrs. Peacock), Prof. Black (Professor Plum)
The Weapons: Faca (Knife), Castical (Candlestick), Revolver
(Revolver), Corda (Rope), Cano (Lead Pipe), Chave Inglesa (Wrench)
The Rooms: Hall (Hall), Sala de Estar (Lounge), Sala de Jantar (Dining Room), Cozinha (Kitchen), Salao de Festas (Ball Room), Sala de Musica (Conservatory), Salao de Jogos (Billiard Room), Biblioteca (Library), Escritorio (Study)
Solution Envelope
Reverse Side of Box