Danish Cluedo - Date Unknown
Front Cover
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There is no date on this Danish Cluedo game, but it wasn't until the 1960s and 70s that the games started featuring actual people on the boxes and some cases (though not this one) on the suspect cards. The box here features a suitably European detective examining the game board with a magnifying glass as if it were a clue. In the shadows behind him is a house - possibly Tudor Close?

Most of the components of this game are the same as the earlier UK editions. But the board's coloring has been altered to orange and yellow hues and the secret passages look more mysterious with their additional black shading.

Overall, the box cover (whose artwork nicely extends to the side panels of the box as well) evokes a wonderful sense of mystery. But perhaps not the sort of mystery that would entice the younger kids to play.
SUSPECTED PERSONS: Frk. Rod (Miss Red/Scarlett), Oberst Brun (Colonel Brown/Mustard), Fru Hvid (Mrs. White), Pastor Gron (Pastor/Reverend Green), Fru Bla (Mrs. Blue/Peacock), Prof. Blomme (Professor Plum)
POSSIBLE MURDER WEAPONS: Dagger, Candlestick, Revolver, Rope, Lead Piping, Spanner
POSSIBLE CRIME SCENES: Hall, Living Room (Lounge), Dining Room, Kitchen, Ball Room, Winter Garden (Conservatory), Billiard Room, Library, Work Room (Study)
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Box Insert & Playing Pieces
Playing Pieces
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Solution Envelope
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