Cluedo DVD Game - 2005
Falling in line with the raising popularity of DVD based games, this Cluedo game by Parker allows players to turn their TV into Tudor Mansion and step into the mystery. The usual six suspects are joined by Mrs. Meadow-Brook, Prince Azure, Lady Lavender and Rusty. Inspector Brown and Ashe, the Butler, are also lurking around to help figure out who stole what item from where at what time.
The Suspects: Miss Scarlett, Colonel Mustard, Mrs. White, Reverend Green, Mrs. Peacock, Professor Plum, Mrs. Meadow-Brook, Prince Azure, Lady Lavender, Rusty
The Items: (Antiques) Telescope, Revolver, Rare Book, (Desk Items) Wallet, Gold Pen, Letter Opener, Crystal Paperweight, (Jewellery) Medal, Pocket Watch, Jade Hairpin, Scarab Brooch
The Rooms: Hall, Lounge, Dining Room, Kitchen, Ballroom, Conservatory, Billiard Room, Library, Study, Rose Garden, Fountain
The Time: Dawn, Breakfast, Late Morning, Lunch, Early Afternoon, Tea Time, Dusk, Dinner, Night, Midnight
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DVD Case
Between September of 1925 and May of 1926 there have been a rash of burglaries at the Tudor Mansion and it is up to the player to figure out whodunit. Never has playing Cluedo been more visually stunning. The suspect images are, unfortunately, taken from the 2002 edition, but thankfully, the game board artwork is fresh and new. The board's style is very bold using oversized images symbolic of the rooms as opposed to an overhead view typical of the game. The backgrounds retain a very architectural-blueprint feel reminiscent of the Clue/do FX game.

A few new rooms have been added to the board. Outside the dining room is the fountain (a location that appears in other Clue/do games). Past the ballroom is the rose garden (perhaps a twist on the gazebo of the Master Detective games). A butler's pantry that floats out in the middle of nowhere and the evidence room at the center of the board are not potential solutions to the mystery.

Though most of the components are the same, Cluedo DVD cannot be played in the traditional fashion. The board is not set up appropriately. Instead, there are 10 crudely annimated mysteries that are played in conjunction with the DVD player. They are:
  • 1. The Monte Carlo Affair
  • 2. The Garden Party
  • 3. A Bad Sport
  • 4. The Hunt
  • 5. The Autumn Leaves
  • 6. The Costume Party
  • 7. Spring Cleaning
  • 8. A Princess is Born
  • 9. A Grand Ball
  • 10. The Last Straw

  • Each game contains annimated sequences that start the game and provide clues throughout. Some aspects that make the game more fun include secret passages that may take players to random locations, memory tests to obtain clues and locked doors that are opened as play progresses.

    Overall, this is a lovely game, but the the annimation could have been so much better. The game also takes forever to set up as players wade through the menus and then the computer selects which characters are used in the game instead of allowing the player to choose. Despite these flaws, however, it is a wonderful addition to the Cluedo line for anybody with a Region 2 DVD player!
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    Concept Artwork 1

    Concept Artwork 2
    As usual in recent times, concept artwork released far before the actual game is subject to change. One flaw in the finished design is that players may not recognize the large image of Ashe on the cover. Furthermore, it is redundant right next to another image of him. A similar problem occurs in the Concept Artwork 1. The large figure, also redundant, is easily mistaken for a more traditional Colonel Mustard which may result in a great deal of confusion as to which character is which when playing the game.

    Concept 2 is quite artistically designed without causing confusion. It is a shame this version was not selected.

    The 3rd Concept was released much earlier and has a decidedly more "DVD"-esque feel showing the suspects and film driving home the movie aspect of the game. Unfortunately, DVDs do not contain film!

    The French Concept 4 falls more in line with the 2002 classic edition artwork but doesn't seem to be cohesive with so much unused space and the suspects crowded in the corner.
    Concept Artwork 3
    Concept Artwork 4