Clue VCR Mystery Game

Appearing in 1985, this was the first of two VCR Clue mystery games. The relative innovativeness of the VCR at the time, made this type of game inevitable - and FUN!
This unique version of the traditional board game adds four new suspects to the investigation and provides countless hours of entertainment. To solve the mystery, you must decide who murdered whom with what weapon in which room, AND you must discover the secret identities of each player.
This game is for two or more players ages teen through adult and could make a great party game. It consists of the following:

  • A 60 minute videotape of 3 separate stories and 18 individual games.
  • 3 complete sets of clue cards (28 per set).
  • 18 investigation cards.
  • 10 suspect cards.
  • A Detective Notepad.
  • A detective case book which includes game play instructions.

  • This game is complete in every detail - even down to a little insert that informs the player to unwrap all cellophane packages in order to play the game.

    The Suspects (from case notebook):
  • Miss Scarlet spends much of her time in exotic lands and the rest of her time denying that she was ever there. A woman of oriental mystery.
  • Col. Mustard was with the Royal Fusiliers in India, now retired. He has busied himself since as a big-game hunter, or so he says.
  • Mrs. White is color-blind. She's been the maid at Boddy mansion for 25 years and knows more than she should about everyone.
  • Mr. Green claims to be a businessman but refuses to discuss the business he's in. He has never attended charm school.
  • Mrs. Peacock has been a respectable married woman 14 times, all of her husbands dying under mysterious circumstances.
  • Prof. Plum teaches chemistry at a non accredited college. On the side he does research in undetectable poisons.
  • Madam Rose is the late Mr. Boddy's sister and only known relation. She's an amateur medium with occasional psychic powers.
  • M. Brunette is allegedly French, allegedly Mr. Boddy's lawyer, and allegedly needs the eye patch he's wearing.
  • Miss Peach seems to have arrived by accident. She's a crack shot, an expert knife-thrower, and is proficient with blunt instruments.
  • Sgt. Gray is a local policeman, or at least he thinks he is. He suffers from amnesia and uncontrolled fits of temper.

  • The Weapons: Knife, Candlestick, Gun, Poison, Rope

    The Rooms: Hall, Dining Room, Conservatory, Kitchen, Library
    Box Reverse
    Suspect Card Reverse